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EMPI All New Long Block Engines are in stock and ready to ship!

by admin 06 Mar 2023

EMPI offers hand-assembled long block engines that are built with all-new, EMPI matched and approved components in Southern California by VW racing legend Jack Sacchette. These long block engines are available in three standard configurations for Type 1, 2 or 3 applications and require no core. They are in stock and ready to ship. These engines are ideal for daily driving and cruising around town but are not applicable for off-road, racing, turbo, or anything similar and cannot be modified. Every EMPI long block comes with a 12-month or 12k mile warranty and is assembled with name brand components such as AA Performance Products, Autolinea, Elring, Osvat, Mahle, Manton, Silverline, and Schadek. The 1914cc long block engines include new Autolinea aluminum cases and EMPI high-performance dual-port cylinder heads with a 94mm bore, 35.5 intake x 32mm exhaust S/S valves, single Hi-Rev valve springs, and chromoly retainers. They also have a 3-angle valve job completed on a precision Rottler seat & guide machine at EMPI Anaheim. It's important to note that the engine does not come with oil. All EMPI long blocks are palletized, shrink-wrapped, crated, and ready to ship via truck freight, including residential lift gate as needed.

Engines include:

  • Engine Case- Autolinea HD Aluminum Engine Case
  • Crankshaft- Direct Drilled, 69mm Stroke
  • Rods- Oe Specification
  • Camshaft- Stock Cam With Flat Gear, .334" Lift, 250º Duration
  • Lifters- Precision Ground And Heat Treated, 28mm
  • Flywheel- Stock Style, 4 Dowel Pin, 200mm
  • Gland Nut- Chromoly, Heavy Duty
  • Main Bearings- Standard, Steel Center
  • Rod Bearings- Standard
  • Cam Bearings- Standard Thrust
  • Oil Pump- Schadek, 21mm With Cover
  • Head Studs- Chromoly, 8mm With Nuts
  • Pistons & Cylinders- AA Brand 90.5mm Diameter
  • Pushrod Tubes- Stock Style
  • Heads- EMPI High Performance Dual Port Cylinder Head, 94mm Bore, 35.5 Intake X 32mm Exhaust S/S Valves, Single Hi-Rev Valve Springs, Chromoly Retainers, 3 Angle Valve Job Completed On Precision Rottler Seat & Guide Machine At EMPI Anaheim
  • Pushrods- Manton 11.500" OAL x 3/8" Diameter x .035" Wall Thickness
  • Rockers- High Performance, Stock 1.1:1 Ratio
  • Valve Cover- Stock Steel Style, Black
  • Gaskets- Elring Engine Gasket Set
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